Why is Slipstream's innovation so important?

conceptSlipstream Vehicles Ltd has developed a very high-speed marine craft that can provide greater than 50% fuel and emissions savings over competing commercial vessel types, while offering service speeds of 60 knots or more. In addition, Thrust-Cushion Vehicles (TCVs) are amphibious, and can travel over any consistent, relatively flat or low sloping surface. Three test craft have demonstrated these abilities.



How does the Thrust-Cushion Vehicle (TCV) work?

slide1The extreme efficiency of TCVs comes from lifting the trimaran hulls out of the water, and adding the lift energy to the thrust energy, in a single integrated system. There are no water drives employed except docking thrusters. TCVS make coordinated banked turns, and are very maneuverable. There is no damaging wake, and no underwater noise.